Ken Ryan Clinics

UpdatedWednesday January 18, 2017 byKen Labrie.

K R Baseball will be starting their winter program..  Class sizes are limited so sign up today!!!!  Class schedules and pricing can be found on our website at or by calling us at 401-724-7555.   

Baseball Academy Ages 7-9 and 10-12

  • ‚ÄčThis six week program meets once per week for an 90 minutes. This program covers all aspects of baseball including proper throwing mechanics, fielding drills, base running drills, bunting and sliding. Every class also includes hitting instruction in our cages by our staff. Our ratio of six students per instructor guarantees that each student will receive the attention he or she needs. This program is ideal for the beginner and for those that need to freshen up on the important skills of the game.

Pitcher's Club Ages 10-12 and 13+

  • This six week program meets twice per week for an hour. This program was designed by former major league pitcher Ken Ryan and helps teach pitcher's of all ages the mechanics needed for success. Each student will be drilled on the balance point, grip, drive and follow through.  All pitchers will work on the change up and breaking balls will be taught to the older more experienced pitchers (13+).   Our 13+ class will also be introduced to shoulder exercises that will help with the strength and recovery of there arms during and after games. 

Hitter's Club Ages 7-9, 10-12 and 13+

  • This program aims to provide a "spring training" experience that includes hitting instruction and batting cage time in an effort to prepare players for the season.  Players aged 7-9 meet once per week for an hour for 6 weeks. Ages 10-12 and 13+ meet twice a week for six weeks with each class lasting one hour. Students are instructed on proper stance, grip and weight distribution as well as proper swing plane. Multiple hitting stations introduce students to different hitting drills designed to improve their hitting technique. In addition each student spends part of each class working one on one with our hitting instructor to ensure proper execution.  

Catcher's Club

  • This program provides a unique combination of instruction on the mechanics and techniques of catching as well as providing an opportunity for all students to catch live pitching. The class meets once per week for one hour for instruction. In addition, students are able to choose to attend additional Pitcher's Club classes to practice their skills in a live pitching environment. Each student will learn the proper technique for blocking balls, throwing to bases and calling games. 

Fielding Class

  • This class will meet once per week for an hour. This class will teach players of all ages the proper techniques for fielding.Students will be instructed using a multitude of ball handling drills and stations that will help improve their agility, balance and coordination. Becoming a good fielder takes practice, good technique and positive reinforcement. The goal of this program is to help young and older players become more aggressive and confident fielding the ball.

Class times and pricing are available on our website at 

For more information please call us at 401-724-7555