Flash Powder Photo Sessions 2020

UpdatedTuesday August 11, 2020 byMark Lewis.

Please note: If you have any questions regarding the message below please reach out to the photographer directly at Flashpowderphoto@me.com.   

Parents: Photos will go live August 11th.
PLEASE use the FACE FIND feature. You are asked to choose a photo of your child that you probably already have on your device. The software does a google image search in the gallery to match them up. 
If you did not get a text alert, please re-text LLL2020 to 90738
You can also view the photos at Galleries.photoday.io   when prompted put in the access code  LLL2020
Flash Powder 


Ordering will be on-line only (no forms or monies to handle). Simply text LLL2020 to the number 90738 Thats it! 

When your photos are ready you will get a text message. You can choose your own pose & expression from several images we take.

All orders are shipped home to avoid further contact.

Take a moment to see the video: https://www.flashpowderphoto.com/photoday-checkout-process
Please see below for your schedule. Bring your own Bat & Glove.